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In a globally competitive market, information systems are the linchpin for effective decision-making and execution. An effective corporate system will allow decision-makers to observe market trends, direct responses to opportunities and monitor results. It is built with your company’s strategy in mind, to move resources in anticipation of the market and not only in reaction. The odds are that your IT infrastructure isn’t actually effective, but an impediment to your organization’s ability to cope with today’s conditions. That the organization of your software is chaotic. That its architecture is brittle and inflexible. That it is mired in the past and unsuitable for today’s challenges and the ones you will face in the future. In order for your organization to have the proper system to direct its operations, your organization will need to be effective at developing the software in the system.

Effective software development. It is the result of a unified effort as directed by corporate strategy. It is the hallmark of teams equipped with the proper skills, discipline and tools. It is the competitive advantage which can move your organization in front of the ball and out from under it. And it is the only part of company operations where its absence is accepted, even while continuing to receive funding. How does a company improve the productivity of its software teams? With development tools by Apokalypse.

How does a company ensure components are designed for a long lifecycle and will integrate well with external components? With software architecture and component design training by Apokalypse. How does a company improve the success rate of its software projects? With unified development training by Apokalypse.

Apokalypse Software has leveraged over 25 years of software development research and development to produce innovations in techniques and tools. Our processes prepare teams to develop software in a timely fashion, anticipate difficulties and facilitate the reuse of components for future endeavors. In the coming year, as these products are introduced to the market, Apokalypse Software will lead the industry in providing superior solutions to other organizations which depend on software to seize or maintain the leadership position in their field.


Apokalypse offers classroom training in our learning centers located around the globe, on site training and advanced training on CD. Training is available for all Apokalypse products and services.


Our training courses give you the expertise to create effective user assistance or policies and procedures systems so you can dive right into your projects with complete confidence.


The primary goal of Apokalypse software is to ensure our customers maximize the benefit from the use of our tools. We use proven methodology to deliver quality and cost effective solutions.

Project management

Apokalypse consultants provide quality project management to implement solutions in a timely, cost effective manner. From simple consultations to in depth implementations, our services are tailored to meet your needs.

Software solutions

Apokalypse delivers software solutions that enable organizations to automate and manage internal and external service processes. Apokalypse provides free Web developer tutorials for many high tech scenarios.


We help our customers align service and support with business objectives, improve service levels, manage assets, and lower costs. Classes can be held at your location, or at any one of our many facilities worldwide.

We provide software solutions

Creative Designers & Talented Developers

Apokalypse is dedicated to providing high quality customer service. We strive to provide all levels of users with a wide range of support options including email, faq, knowledge base, and support forums.

About Apokalypse

Smart, Light and Adaptive

Apokalypse software is a development services firm, offers consultation on the design, development and training of software-based systems to corporations and departments which are discontent with the status quo and aspire to rise above common practices.

Hourly consulting, support & custom development Services

  • Guaranteed response time: Three (3) hours (during regular business hours)
  • Problem resolution support via phone and email
  • One hour minimum, billed in quarterly hour increments.
  • The cost is $175 per hour, with a one hour minimum, and is billed in quarterly hour increments.
  • Special rates are offered to customers based upon loyalty and the overall amount of indvidual purchases.

Software Coding 100%
Customer Support 100%

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Recent Projects

Mory 1.9.11

For Mac users with lots to do. Mory is a digital notebook that makes it easy to record and organize your thoughts. Unlike the alternatives, Mory doesn’t box you into one way of thinking. Instead Mory’s simple and flexible design puts you in charge of your information. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.If you’ve got things to remember or ideas to organize Mory can help.

  • Food lovers - Keep all of your recipes in one easy to find place. Rate the success of each recipe and create a smart folder that will collect your favorites.
  • Students - Don’t forget another assignment. Keep your class notes, todo items, and projects all in one place. Need to find something fast? Just type in the search field for instant results.
  • Writers - Writing the next great novel? Grinding through a thesis? Use Mory to help structure your writing. Use aliases to gather all text related to a single character into one place. Use links to join your thoughts until they make sense.

Clock-works 1.12.4

For Mac users who sometimes forget. Clock-works is the desktop timer that will keep you ontime and in style. Unlike the alternatives, Clock-works packs its punch in a clean and easy-to-use interface that looks great on your desktop. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Multiple views to match your needs. Do you need to manage multiple timers at once? That's the standard view that Clock-works gives you out of the box. If the standard view is too complex you can minimize Clock-works's interface down to a simple window that just shows the timer display. It works just like the iTunes' mini window.

XMServer 1.0.4

Xtensible Mail Server is a new category enterprise level, intelligent, e-mail infrastructure software. This intelligent message transfer agent, e-mail server, enables IT departments to build, integrate and deliver email systems faster and more effectively than ever before. The result is more secure, and highly reliable, business communications using e-mail.

Apokalypse Software

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