Happy New Year and a New Mori Update

In case you’re running one of the older releases of Mori, one with a bug in the update mechanism, this is just a brief note to let you know Mori v1.6.8 has now been released!

The fixes include:

  • Rewrote user settings handling subsystem (to prevent wayward settings from affecting other operations).
  • Improved notebook check and repair functionality to fix orphaned entries and entry data records.
  • Fixed stall when dropping items into Mori’s source or entries lists.
  • Fixed (or at least improved) Italian localization.
  • Fixed faulty version update notification.

The code I had hoped to incorporate into the update, but which didn’t make it (because it was already three weeks or so overdue) included fixes for Smart Folder Rules, non-wildcard searches, and word-count bugs, which are among those to be included in v1.6.9. Also to be included are user-settable font settings in the source and entries views, and the fix for the font prefs for notes.

Work on v1.6.9 has already begun, and my work in v1.6.8 improved the ability to perform testing in new releases. The Beta Test Gang will find the first test version on the site Jan 2nd.

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