In Mori 1.6.6, Windows are Still Coming Up Empty…Sometimes

Unfortunately, one of the fixes I thought I made didn’t carry over from one of the work directories (four at last count) I used to develop for the various MOX versions.

Or I was completely delirious at the time and never made the fix at all.

Whatever the cause, 1.6.6 still shows empty windows as a result of the toolbar problem. You can see when Mori gets confused by checking your console logs. You’ll see an entry like

2007-11-20 11:58:08.592 Mori[8503] *** -[NSCFArray objectAtIndex:]: index (0) beyond bounds (0)

Here’s the cause, and one of three possible paths you can take to get around this while you wait for the, hopefully finally fixed at last, v1.6.7 update: In order to improve your user experience (are you feeling it?), I wanted to move your old toolbar preferences settings to the new internal naming system. So it performs a check to see if the two settings are different, erasing the current one and copying over the new one if they are. However, if your previous toolbar had more items than the current one does, it will come up short during the compare and thus cause a Cocoa exception.

Mea culpa. Mea fixa isa cominga uppa.

    In the meantime, here are three ways to get your notebooks back all shiny and fresh.

  1. Add a bunch of extra items to your toolbar. Probably at the very beginning where they’re easier to get to and remove.
  2. Rename your preferences file (com.apokalypsesoftware.Mori.plist in your Preferences folder) until such time as Mori 1.6.7 is released and things have settled down. Or, if it doesn’t particularly bother you to personalize your toolbar again you could just delete that file.
  3. Just open all those important notebooks. Close them. Re-open those notebooks. All your data now appears because Mori has updated the toolbar info. (Or you can just do this for those notebooks you need for the moment. The fix will be released shortly…once I check a few things here first!)
  4. My apologies again to those who were alarmed at opening an empty notebook.

Mori v1.6.6 is Taxiing to the Runway


I just shipped the latest Release Candidate (Mori 1.6.6alpha89) to the beta testers, and I feel pretty certain it’s fine.

I’m about to do some final checks in Leopard (10.5.1) and may even install 10.5 again to double-check there while I await word from the testers.

I’m going to add a special dialog thanking the beta testers for their bravery and helpful comments and pointers. Not only have they helped to nail the big “empty windows” and Leopard freezing/crashing bugs, but their insights and explanations have revealed some things that I wasn’t aware of in Mori’s functionality! It should take maybe two or three days of coding and testing to add to Mori.

But it’ll have to wait as I know a lot of folks have been patiently enduring the problems in hope of a quick and stable release. So let me just thank them here for their fantastic service to me and Mori’s user community:

Bob Embry
Michael Koch
Rolf Schmolling
Joe Wicentowski

For their patient vigil and endurance, I am grateful.

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