Mori v1.6.6 Clearing for Takeoff

It looks like the showstoppers which were part of 1.6.4, 1.6.5 (and even 1.6.3 counting the toolbar) have been dealt with. The latest build even seems to function normally in Leopard.

Thus, now that Leopard 10.5.1 has been released, and my Leopard install was for testing purposes anyway and not as my primary development environment, I’m going to install it and test the 1.6.6 build against it as well to make sure it still works. That is, after a stopover in Tigerland just to make sure that nothing in Leopard loused up my main volume.

The problems in Leopard appear to result, not from changes in the architecture of the Cocoa classes, but in how stringent the standards for values passed to them are, and how they deal with values which are unacceptable (invalid parameters and exception handling). Sure, code should only pass correct data all the time, but sometimes our expectations are off. Sometimes we get incorrect data ourselves (Garbage In Garbage Out), and sometimes, bad things happen in the real world in which computers operate.

Tiger used to be somewhat more non-chalant about this issues. It would ignore all but the most egregious problems, unless the programmer or the user asked otherwise. Leopard seems to be more restrictive and demanding of Mac developers and the code they write. Again, not bad by any means, except for the unexpected and the change in behavior for things that used to work before.

So, with more testing and better debugging (so why can’t I get “debug” suffix to work?!), we’ll hopefully see this occur less often in Mori’s code.

Now…back to that checklist.

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