Mori v1.6.9 is Being Packaged for Release

This has taken much longer than I hoped for, and it lacks the features I wanted to add in there, but due to another empty-window bug I’m releasing Mori 1.6.9 today as a stopgap measure.

I had hoped for a quick release to get the fix out to those who are upgrading now (particularly from older, Hog Bay Software versions), but I had upgraded my Xcode installation mid-stream, which is generally a bad idea if you can’t test the effects a tool migration will have on your projects. And Mori is quite unique in the way it’s constructed, being almost entirely plugins, and plugins which run plugins.

It took a week to resolve unit testing problems, some of which were due to Mori’s unique project files, some of which were due to changes in the layout of Xcode’s tools directories and one due to a bug in the unit tests for the ‘Check and Repair Notebooks’ functionality (which I wasn’t going to risk going out with a bug whose cause I hadn’t determined).

Anyway, testing problems aside, I’m packaging the latest for release now. You’ll be able to read the release info shortly.

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