Probable Release of v1.6.7 Today

Since it appears that the users still experiencing the “empty window” or missing notes problem are running Leopard and have some strange mixture of preferences (particularly “Enable check spelling as you type in new windows”), I should be able to get some update out today to Tiger users at least.

I received word a short while ago from users experiencing this specific symptom, and byakkie, who thankfully took the time to experiment with all the preferences to help pin down the most likely causes, regarding the results of running an experimental build to deal with the big remaining issues. With those results, and knowing it’s Leopard-specific (those more stringent parameter requirements!) I’ll reboot into Leopard in a moment and get down to exorcising that gremlin. If it’s like the other Leopard problems encountered it should be relatively easy to find the problem, and hopefully not-too-difficult to engineer a solution.

While I had awaited word, I worked on streamlining and pruning certain aspects of the build process and decided to tackle the recurring error message on my console:

*** -[NSKeyedUnarchiver decodeObjectForKey:]: cannot decode object of class (WebView)

which is always cause for concern for developers when things go wrong that you didn’t even realize were going on! “WebView?! Since when is there a WebView in an outliner?”

So I tackled it and discovered it is part of Blocks’ software update service, which checks for new versions of Mori and displays the release notes when found. Once I linked the WebKit framework into the Blocks software update plug-in, the release notes window popped up to announce a new version! Then it had a redirect issue I had to fix (because redirects to Then I discovered the links in the release notes weren’t pointing to the correct location. And so on.

This all leads me to one conclusion: you folks are hard-core Mori users! Do you Fred Flintstone your way to work? Do you eat stale bread? Do you really love Mori’s features so much that you’ve been willing to put up with the broken stuff for so long? (And just what Mori features are you particularly fond of? I’d like to intensify that experience for you!) It’s just a more pleasant experience when the software does things for you like it should. Wow!

Well, while I am half-joking, I am truly impressed and grateful that you’ve been willing to endure some inconvenient obstacles just for the productivity that you gain with Mori. Thank you so much! I plan to continue fixing these annoyances as features are added, so that you find there’s more that can be done by Mori and less roadblocks it puts in your way.

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