For Mac users who sometimes forget. Clockwork is the desktop timer that will keep you ontime and in style. Unlike the alternatives, Clockwork packs its punch in a clean and easy-to-use interface that looks great on your desktop. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.



Multiple views to match your needs

Do you need to manage multiple timers at once?

That’s the standard view that Clockwork gives you out of the box.

If the standard view is too complex you can minimize Clockwork’s interface down to a simple window that just shows the timer display. It works just like the iTunes’ mini window.

Want an even simpler view? Then look for Clockwork’s icon in the dock. There you’ll see just the essentials without any added distractions.

What if you need a BIG timer? Maybe you need to read it from across the room, or maybe you have a classroom of kids who all need to see it. Well then Clockwork’s full screen mode has you covered. You can see the big black and white display from a distance.

Is Clockwork the best choice for you?
The truth is that computer timers are a dime a dozen. If you just need a simple timer I would try out Pester or one of the many other free timers that are availible. If you’ve decided to pay for a timer then you should take a look at Alarm Clock Pro. It seems to be the feature leader for OS X timers, but as a result it’s not simple and may be more then you want or need. Clockwork tries to split the difference. I think its clean interface and full screen mode are what set it appart.

User-powered software
We deeply trust your instincts and opinions, and so we’ve developed a user-powered software development process. We invite you, as a user of Clockwork, to directly participate in its development process, by requesting features, reading other people’s requests, and voting on them so we can prioritize our time. We love this feedback; come and join the community, and make Clockwork even better.