Mori 1.6.11

For Mac users with lots to do. Mori is a digital notebook that makes it easy to
record and organize your thoughts. Unlike the alternatives, Mori doesn’t box you into
one way of thinking. Instead Mori’s simple and flexible design puts you in charge of
your information. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

A place to remember your notes and organize your ideas
Imagine a notepad that grows and grows. No matter how big it gets, you can search it
in an instant, as if it’s all written on the back of your hand.

Mori is your notebook, project manager, research assistant, and more. In other words,
Mori lets you decide how you want to keep your information. Notes, tasks, clippings,
and writings: Mori does them all.

Rich Media Notes

Mori allows you to make notes in the way that’s most meaningful for you, with
stylized text, images, audio and more.

Rich text formatting gives you the tools to easily present your message with style,
wit, and emotion. Write in multiple languages as easily as using multiple fonts. Use
hypertext to link to relevant documents on the web or your network. Embed PDFs or
eye-catching lists and tables formatted to perfection. Sophisticated kerning and
ligatures for superior typesetting control. Integrated checking of grammar (on
Leopard) and spelling while you type. Dictionary-based word completion hints, and

If pictures can’t adequately capture the details, then incorporate audio files, or
even movies, to better express your creative mind.

Mori’s power means you have choices: multiple fonts, styles, color, kerning,
ligature, baseline, height, multilingual support; indentation, spacing, alignment,
tabs and margins on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis; style, and attachments such as
images, audio, video and even virtual reality.


Mori follows your lead, letting you determine how your notes are laid-out so it’s
easier for you to use them.

Mori doesn’t just collect notes in folders, creating huge lists for you to scroll
through everytime you need something important. Your notes can be organized into
outlines. You can group your notes into folders like some other note programs do if
you like. But you can go further with Mori. Put folders in other folders. Nest notes
into other notes and folders as deeply as you need them to be. And it doesn’t matter
in which order you wrote them: you can rearrange and structure entries to suit your

Or, if you want an entry or a branch of the outline to be present at several
locations, create aliases to the entry in question and move them to where you’d like.
Then, any time you change any entry within that branch, the change will be reflected
everywhere else you have its alias. You can also copy a branch of the outline, again
of any size, if you need to keep a record of it as it was at one time.

When you’re inspired to work on a new idea, write out your thoughts in the Source
View just as they come to you. Whether you write out the complete outline first or
only the big picture, Mori stays out of your way and tracks the entries for you. Your
solution determines the structure of your notebook, and it remains pliant as your
needs change or become clearer.

Mori even turns your notes into putty in your hands. And not just with drag and drop
manipulation of text. Select a part of the note. “Extract Text Section…” Mori will
create a child entry with that selection, and you can move it about the outline too.
If you later decide you no longer need it as a separate section, just “Inline Text
Section” and the sectioned note will be integrated back into its source. Changes and

Out of Your Way, or In Your Face, Mori is All About You
Adjust the sizing of the three main views of your notebook. Switch views from
Standard to a Widescreen layout. Or hide the Source and/or Entries views to give
yourself the headroom you need to focus on your thoughts. This is your notebook…let
it reflect your personality.

Leave Mori’s windows in its own “layer”, or selectively “float” them so you can move
info between your notebooks and other apps.

Customize the toolbar like you do in the Finder. Only in Mori, you can also add your
favorite scripts to have them at your fingertips. Open another window on a note, and
you can view two at the same time. Or many more. And note windows can customize their
toolbars separately from notebooks, so you stay organized.

Organization Tools

In the Information Age, the biggest problem isn’t whether the information you need is
available or not. The biggest problem is being able to find it. Mori not only lets
you create or capture very large quantities of information, it lets you categorize
and organize them in the way you need them.

Every entry in a Mori notebook has a set of attributes designed to let you organize,
categorize and classify data just the way you want. Use Mori’s tagging system to
define the categories that notes and entries go under. Use its checkbox field to mark
off items on your todo or wedding registry lists or guests who’ve RSVP’d to your
invitation. Rank items by their importance with the rating attribute. The flag column
is a useful way to identify high-priority items. Use the due date column to serve as
a reminder of when bills are due, or when you have to appear in traffic court. Even
color-code entries with Mori’s Finder-like labels, so you can tell at a glance what
category the items you’re reviewing fall under.

And if Mori doesn’t already know what’s important about the entries you keep in your
digital notebook, let it know.


Information Overload. It’s a common occurrence. People get so much data thrown at
them, it’s easy to lose track of the info they need to keep track of. Finding it
again isn’t the problem: what’s important is finding it when you need it.

Mori’s built-in indexed search will let you search a notebook for the entries you
need. You can even match entries based on wildcards. And have them all sorted by
relevancy. Save frequent search terms so the results are instantly accessible. Mori
even supports Spotlight for the times when you don’t remember which notebook the
details are in, or to search your notebooks from any app.

Now, you don’t need to worry you’ll lose track of some detail because it’s buried
under too much information. Now, your work is thriving and you’re more productive
than ever because you’ve got Mori…and all the information you need.

Customize Mori to Fit Your Work and Life

Sometimes, the columns already set up for you just don’t let you organize your
notebook the way you want. If you’ve ever tried to shoehorn your thoughts into off-
the-shelf software or pre-printed planner pages, you know how frustrating it can be.
That’s why you’ll love Mori’s User Columns. Define the columns you want, to hold the
data you want, and act the way you want; Mori will then generate a new notebook with
those columns, using the same Core Data technology from Apple that it uses to quickly
search through its records, so your own notebook data isn’t treated like a second-
class citizen.
You’ll be able to display your columns right next to the ones previously defined by
Mori, sort on them, and even use them to search for entries to include in Mori’s
Smart Folders, something you can’t do in Finder.
How can Mori help you?
If you’ve got things to remember or ideas to organize Mori can help.

Food lovers – Keep all of your recipes in one easy to find place. Rate the success of
each recipe and create a smart folder that will collect your favorites.
Students – Don’t forget another assignment. Keep your class notes, todo items, and
projects all in one place. Need to find something fast? Just type in the search field
for instant results.
Writers – Writing the next great novel? Grinding through a thesis? Use Mori to help
structure your writing. Use aliases to gather all text related to a single character
into one place. Use links to join your thoughts until they make sense.
Mori grows with you
If your needs are simple Mori stays simple. If your needs are more complex Mori can

Mori uses the familiar organizational notions of files and folders. But Mori doesn’t
stop there. Mori gives you Smart Folders, so notes show up automatically when they
match criteria you set up. Sort your data alphabetically, or by the date you created
it. Or create an entirely new category: for example, keyword, due date, price, etc.
Color-code your notes. Rate them. Mori doesn’t force you into anyone’s system; it
grows with you.

Is Mori the best choice for you?

Buying a note manager can be a daunting process with many choices. On one hand you
have great outlining programs. If your goal is lists and outlines, try OmniOutliner.
On the other hand you have powerful and complex note databases. If your goal is to
create reference database of “everything” try DevonThink. But if you need something
in-between, give Mori a try. We think it’s the ideal place for your day to day notes,
projects, and activities.

User-powered software

We deeply trust your instincts and opinions, and so we’ve developed a user-powered
software development process. We invite you, as a user of Mori, to directly
participate in its development process, by requesting features, reading other
people’s requests, and voting on them so we can prioritize our time. We love this
feedback; come and join the community, and make Mori even better.


With a UI modeled on iTunes, iPhoto and Mail, you’ll quickly get up to speed on Mori.
Hit the ground running

Used iTunes, iPhoto, or Mail? Mori’s familiar interface lets you get to work fast.

Smart folders, tags, links and aliases are just some of the tools that are an
organizer’s dream.
Organizer’s dream

Sort, Link, and Alias your notes until they match what you are thinking.

Whether you leave one notebook open or many, work the way you want to at any moment.
Match your own style

Use a single notebook or have many. Even open multiple windows viewing a single

With smart folders, you can literally ‘Work smarter, not harder!’
Work smarter

Mori’s Smart Folders work for you behind the scenes, collecting the data you want

Never lose another note

Search through your entire notebook in a flash. Or use Spotlight to search all
notebooks at once.

Customize what information is tracked and how it’s displayed to your own delight.
Customize your experience

Add extra information to each note using columns. If the built in columns are not
enough you can define your own.

Use AppleScript to automate Mori and integrate with other applications.
Automate with AppleScript

Use AppleScript to automate Mori and integrate with other applications.

Plugin support for extra flexibility.
Plugin support and more

If Mori can’t do it, write a plugin that can. We are serious about giving our users
the power they need.

How many notes can I have?
Mori uses Apple’s CoreData technology, so Mori stays fast. In fact, one user has over
50,000 entries in a single notebook.

Stay compatible. Mori is a Universal application, which means it runs natively on
both PowerPC- and Intel-based Mac computers.

Windows Alternative?
If you are a windows user check out NoteLens from our friends at Windsor Interfaces.

Mori is a trademark of Apokalypse Software Corp. Other trademarks and registered
trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.