The 21st century has barely started, and I’m already wishing it would end

Even after releasing two updates to the same app in as many days, there are still unresolved, critical issues that have to be corrected. I’m attempting to get the toolbar items and empty windows bugs fixed in Tiger, and solve some of the more blatant of the Leopard issues.

Speaking of which, I hate Leopard. It froze while I was away from my machine. Don’t just put lipstick on a pig and tell me it’s a healthier beast. Get a healthier beast.

Stacks? Pretty. (At least the grid layout. The arc toss is a hurler.) I can’t navigate through nested folders with it though. Less functional. Would I rather have prettier than less functional? Definitely not in this case.

So I rebooted into Tiger and answered some emails. I’m going to see if Thunderbird (yes, I don’t use for real email) will allow me to link to its database in the Library (~/Library/Thunderbird) or whether it’s yet another example of me wanting to be so unconventional that I can’t get tools to do what I want.

Then I’ll head back into Leopard and add some more unit tests and debugging and hopefully get a stable update into users’ hands by morning. I’m hoping the debug suffix works better for me in Leopard than Tiger’s did.

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