Web Site Issues Persist Still, Sometimes I’m to Blame, And “Hello, Mori 1.6.11!”

In spite of updating WordPress a couple months ago, a spammer has managed to hack his junk into the blog webpages. You can see it at the end the page source. It’s after the closing <html> tag, where browsers ignore it, but Google doesn’t. Looks like I’ll be dumping WP to handle the blog, and just let Drupal do it all, at least for the time being.

Another issue I frequently see in the logs is user activity which is denied. A few in particular are some pages which anonymous users were trying to access. Today, however, I noticed that a normal user tried to access one of those pages so I decided to investigate. That’s when I discovered he tried adding an entry to the Mori User Story page and the system refused him! How can we refuse a user’s desire to add his own story to the story page? So I fished around in the admin controls until I found a couple that might have prevented him from doing this generous thing for us. So, hopefully, he’ll once again feel the creative mood strike him to share his experiences with us. And if this oversight and ignorance on my part also hindered your desire to let the world know about the awesome work you’re doing in Mori, please give it another shot. The community is certainly happy to find more inspiration by what you’re doing. After releasing Mori 1.6.11, I know I certainly am!

That’s right. Mori 1.6.11 is finally out, and it’s got the major smackdown on a few nasties. First, problem #2608, freezing during Spotlight updating after emptying the trash. Fixed. Second, (hmm…no problem number. Oh, well.) user’s autosave interval not being respected by Mori. Fixed. And finally, a problem that I finally managed to isolate after the beta went out (which was this past Monday, July 7, 2008): intermittent crash when updating the live search database. That long-standing bug is now dead! (It’s so old I don’t even know where the bug report for it is.)

Anyway, enough progress has been made to Mori’s internal structure since the last update, that except for taking care of some long-neglected responsibilities this weekend, I’ve been working on the polish and features that will make it into 1.7! And I understand how frustrating it is not to know the details of what they are, but it would’ve given Mori’s competitors a chance to duplicate before it’s release. But I’m looking forward to its release so I can finally share what they are with you.

In the meantime, there’s still some issue with the mGTD plugin. So there might be a Mori 1.6.12 soon if we get the cause for it, and any other open bugs, nailed down in time.

P.S. Did you notice the View item in the toolbar? It allows you to select either table (immediate descendants) or outline mode for the entries view. I enabled that feature a few versions back. Give it a try, if you haven’t before. Also, try out the options for Layout in the View menu. The menu isn’t quite friendly enough yet, but it still gives you a lot of flexibility to work in your own style.

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